Welcome to Pelagic Hybrid Panga Boats

Pelagic Hybrid panga boats are the lightest, fastest, most fuel efficient boats in history. The innovative hull design allows for unimagined performance which fishermen have relied upon for decades in the roughest of seas.

Strength, power, agility.
They’re incredibly strong, despite their ludicrously light weight. These quality built boats will power through the surf, slash right through the big waves, and easily hold all your big fish.

Unlike conventional boats with hundreds and even thousands of pounds in extra weight, Pelagic Hybrid panga boats are super sleek and refreshingly free from all unnecessary bells & whistles. As a result, our boats are able to transport their owners farther than any other fishing boats.

A product of superb design.
Pelagic Hybrid panga boats are an evolution in engineering- yet the design is so beautifully simple they’re often underestimated. The secret lies in the unique hull design, which features a deep entry and the delta pad. The sharp bow cuts the waves while the delta pad helps power the boat forward while it’s up on a plane.

But there’s much more to the unique, quality construction of a Pelagic Hybrid panga boat…like the composite stringers for a self-bailing deck. Each boat is made with quality polyester resin, gelcoat, and fiberglass biaxial 1708 cloth for maximum structural integrity.

Run further and faster.
All this leads to one thing: Pelagic Hybrid boats are made to run all day long on very little gas. You can expect to cruise all day long at 22-25 mph on a relatively small horsepower engine. That means you get to visit the most remote spots, where nobody else can reach on so little gas.

And once you’re there, the shallow draft means you can get right up in there in the shallow water. Even under a heavy load, they draw very little water, allowing for entry into all the shallow bays. It’s like a bay boat, only the ride on the open seas won’t shatter your bones on the way out. Pelagic Hybrid pangas are used in the rough Pacific waters by fishermen every single day…they were designed for those conditions!

Real Boats for Real People
The benefits of shedding all that extra weight.

Because of their super light weight, Pelagic Hybrid pangas are incredibly easy to trailer. You not only save gas running your boat, you save gas transporting at as well. Finally, Pelagic Hybrid panga boats are amazingly affordable. Instead of overspending on a depreciating asset, you’ll be getting much more boat for way less money.